After many years of research, development, testing and obtaining patents, DYNATEC is now ready to introduce MPG+ to the automotive retail aftermarket, specifically, the automotive and Industrial chemical markets. In order to achieve  these goals, additional capitalization is required.

DYNATEC has elected to use the innovative resource of Kickstarter to obtain the required operating capital, because it views Kickstarter as the most innovative, credible and viable option to achieve its corporate and financing goals.

We are confident that the many years of research, development and testing we have invested has enabled us to create a unique product that has no equal.  The test data that we include below, which are but a few of many examples that we will share, is clear evidence that the performance of MPG+ is unequaled.  We believe and trust that many Kickstarter backers will agree and eagerly become one of our family of early adopters, believers and supporters.

We are certain that MPG+ will benefit the lives of all that use it in numerous ways including, by improving their vehicles performance, while saving them money by reducing harmful and expensive engine wear and at the same time, significantly improving their fuel economy.

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